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Natural Resources Economics

Economics and Business Administration - 6 ECTS

University of Aveiro



Objectives: To introduce key concepts of the economy of exploitation and conservation of natural resources, such as property rights, scarcity incomes, public goods and renewable and non-renewable resources; to promote a simultaneously comprehensive and in-depth approach to the different types of natural resources, as forests, fisheries, energy, mineral resources, etc; to analyze the possibility of multiple uses for different natural resources and their trade-off with alternative uses.


Develop sensitivity for the management of natural resources, in order to fully appreciate the complexity that arises from the dispute over the use of these resources.

Application of economic theory to welfare and natural resources problems, solving and optimizing management of concrete cases.

Provide students with the critical spirit necessary for the assessment of policy making at the international level, with regard to policies for the conservation, management and exploitation of natural resources and the environment.

Module level: Basic

Degree level: Bachelors

Language: Portuguese/English

Study mode: Partially blended. In these pandemic times, we have checked with teachers that it can be attended online.

SDG11 Theme: Energy and sustainability; Circular economy


Semester: Spring

Starting date: February

Finishing date: July

Enrollment period: TBA

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Provider University: Universidade de Aveiro

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