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The ECIU University is the first European university where learners, teachers and researchers cooperate with society and businesses to solve real-life challenges. Together, we create, test and evaluate a whole new educational pedagogy.

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Real-life challenges are worth solving because of economic or societal leverage, they also provide a stimulating environment for in depth learning, experimenting with problem-solving skills and innovative competences to develop practical solutions.

ECIU University provides the opportunity for challenge-based learning in a multidisciplinary international setting, imagine the possibilities!

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Making public space usable

Population and production growth have resulted in a demand for higher capacities of urban transportation systems. Today, traffic is the number one occupier of public space in Hamburg. That has led to unsatisfactory conditions in regards to traffic flow and traffic jams.

Good Health and Well-being, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
Open for application
User eXperience Challenge

A two day Design Sprint during which you will analyze, evaluate and re-design the User eXperience of digital products and services brought by Italian companies. Students and recent graduates will form groups and work with UX expert mentors to improve the capability of apps and software to meet users' needs and expectations.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities
Open for application
Mussels as an environmental mitigation tool

Eutrophication related to industry, agriculture, sewage and natural run-off has long been a problem for the Baltic Sea resulting in algal blooms and the build-up of anaerobic dead zones. Long-line mussel farming has been identified as a mitigation tool for removal of excess nutrients in eutrophic coastal waters.

Clean Water and Sanitation, Life Below Water, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Climate Action


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Where traditional approaches are based on first learn and then apply, ECIU University offers starts from the challenge and helps you to understand the needs, to analyse what knowledge the team is missing to come to a solution and supports the team to acquire the nescessary know-how and competences to come to their solution and a pathway to implement.

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