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Project Management and Collaboration

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MODULE TYPE: Entrepreneurship Technology and Innovation


Project management entails mainly two main complementary dimensions: project planning and collaboration. Project planning relates more with technical aspects of project work, such implementation of strategies and use of tools to, for example, define milestones, allocate time and resources, define tasks and assign people, in order to hand-in deliverables and fulfil the project's goal(s). The other part of project work relates with its social and psychological aspects, i.e., collaboration among the team members, their functionality and synergies, communication, motivation, stress/ conflict handling. This module is organized in two parts: project planning and leadership (part 1) and collaboration in teams (part 2). it takes a workshop format, where group exercises and small lectures provide students with knowledge and tools to better plan their project, organize their group work and learning effectively.

The micro-credential runs from October 10 to October 28, with following phases:

  1. Preparation: October 10 to October 17
  2. Online workshop: October 18, morning
  3. Post-course assignment: October 18 to 26
  4. Feedback from the teacher: October 28

Module level: Basic

Degree level: Bachelors

Language: English

Study mode: Hybrid


Semester: Fall

Starting date: October 10th 2022

Finishing date: October 28th 2022

Additional information: This micro module is part of a 5 ECTS general course on PBL. The no. of seats available is 10.

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