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Advanced Fuels

Chemical Engineering
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-Teaching of process engineering fundamentals for the production of alternative fuels, including biofuels, hydrogen, PTL
-Sustainability aspects of alternative fuels - identification, analysis and evaluation
-Overview of climate policy instruments - focus on regulatory mechanisms in transport
-Defossilisation of road traffic - possibilities, perspectives and limitations of technologies
-Economic consideration and CO2 avoidance costs of alternative fuels


Knowledge: Students are able to describe and explain different alternative fuel pathways.

Skills: The students are able to draw balances over alternative fuel pathways and compare them by the evaluation with different sustainability aspects. Students are able to evaluate alternative fuels even with incomplete information. Students are able to prepare systematic documentation of work results in form of reports, presentations and are able to defend their findings in a group.

Social Competency: Students can participate in subject-specific and interdisciplinary discussions, develop cooperated solutions and defend their own work results in front of others and promote the scientific development of collegues. Furthermore, they can give and accept professional constructive criticism.

Autonomy: Students can independently develop questions and are able to understand challanges regarding the evaluation of sustainability aspects. They are capable to define areas of incomplete information and define further steps on this basis 

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online or hybrid

SDG11 Theme:Transport and Mobility, Energy and Sustainability


Semester: Autumn

Starting date: 15.10.2021

Finishing date: 1.3.2022

Enrollment period: September, 2021

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