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International Entrepreneurship – From idea to business idea - SOI-051

Business and Entrepreneuship
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In our everyday life we are exposed to stimuli which very often we are not able to identify. On the other hand we are often puzzled by ideas, but not sure if those ideas can generate a business out of it. This module is the matching link between opportunity recognition and focused idea generation. Tutors will guide students through the process following the logic:
Customer, Problem, Solution: the importance of identifying and following customer needs.
Creativity, lateral thinking, brainstorming techniques to identify the best solution to those needs.
Business modeling in a multicultural, volatile business environment to assess value creation and feasibility
How to create an “investor package”: what investors want to hear
Principles of idea presentation and pitching: a good presentation makes a good business idea better


Giving students the ability to detect business opportunities in daily life, to focus on customer needs and to generate unconventional ideas which can turn into innovation.

Module level: Basic 

Degree level: Bachelor / Master / Doctoral

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme: 


Semester: Autumn

Starting date: 12 October 2021

Finishing date: 3 November 2021

Enrollment period: 9 August-26 September 2021

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Additional information: Blended MOOC or Flipped class. I.e. students are exposed to a 10-15min video outlining a concept. Such concept is internalized through discussions in class. Immediately after the concept is applied on students project.

Students following all 4 modules will develop their own entrepreneurial project which will emerge out of this module;

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