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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - 721G28

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The course deals with ethical questions that rise from the development of more and more sophisticated autonomous systems, questions of what requirements that should hold for the technology and why included, which sort of agents artificial systems are, if these can be considered moral agents and if they can be ascribed moral responsibility as well as where the main responsibility for artificial intelligence (AI) ought to be placed and why.


Having completed course, the student should at a basic level be able to:

- provide an account for concepts, theories and problem within applied ethics and the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI),

- develop a theoretically informed argumentation in specific problem areas related to AI,

- formulate theory-based political recommendations and assessments regarding a moral issue related to AI in a particular professional area,

- express an open and critical stance to claims and arguments.

Module level: Basic/Advanced

Degree level: Bachelor 

Language: English

Study mode: Offline or on-line, fulltime or half-time distance learning

SDG11 Theme: 

ECTS: 7.5

Semester: Autumn 2022

Starting date:
Full time on campus 24-10-2022
Half time on-line 24-10-2022

Finishing date:
Full time on campus 25-11-2022
Half time on-line 21-01-2023

Enrollment period: Autumn period 15/3 - 15/6

Additional Info: 

Single subject and programme course
60 ECTS credits passed
English corresponding to the level of English in Swedish upper secondary
education (Engelska 6/B)
The course is taught both as a campus course and as an internet-based distance course. In the internet-based version, students conduct group discussions on the same questions as students participating in campus-based seminars. The course utilizes digital interactive teaching methods and applications which can include video clips, notes, quiz and self-tests.

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