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Intercultural Communication in an English-speaking World - 701G23

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This course is suited for anyone interested in improving their professional communication with people from other cultures as well as other countries where English is the language of communication. There are two course modules. The first module – Perspectives on International Communication, 2.5hp – focuses on intercultural communication in general, and takes as its point of departure some central theories, notions and practices from anthropology and sociology, in order to provide a framework for a critical analysis and understanding of obstacles and pitfalls in intercultural communication. The aim of the course module is to provide the students with tools to be able to identify and remedy communication breakdowns in favour of creating less friction in professional intercultural contexts. The second module –Intercultural Communication with English as a Lingua Franca, 5hp – builds on the theories and notions studied in the first module, but here, the focus is on communicative situations where English is the language of communication. Here, linguistic features will also be analysed and discussed as possible obstacles and/or resources to successful communication. Both courses are examined via active seminar participation and oral group presentations. The language of instruction and examination is English.


On completion of the course, the student will be able to

- identify basic academic concepts relevant to intercultural awareness
- critically discuss basic academic concepts relevant to intercultural awareness
- apply basic sociological and anthropological theories and concepts in international contexts where English is the language of communication
- be able to compare and contrast Swedish culture to other cultures in the world where English is/may be spoken in a professional context
- give an oral presentation of an analysis of an intercultural case study, using English appropriate for professional settings
successfully communicate in English in a professional and international environment

Module level: Basic

Degree level: 

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme: 

ECTS: 7.5

Semester: Autumn

Starting date: August 29, 2022

Finishing date: January 20, 2023

Enrollment period: 15/3 - 19/4

Additional Info: 

Single subject course

General entry requirements for undergraduate studies and English language corresponding to the level of the English language in Swedish upper secondary education (Engelska 6/B)

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