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Linköping University
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Circular Sustainable Business Development

Transition from unsustainable linear economy to sustainable circular economy is a top priority of our society. Future business models will be shaped according to the circularity of our resources, which will provide employment to a wide range of engineers (industrial, mechanical, design, construction, biotechnology, chemical, etc.), business administrators, managers, and policy-makers.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production
Climate Resilient Cities

Worldwide cities are challenged by water excess causing widespread floods. Urban drainage infrastructures increasingly have difficulties to cope with the imminent higher rain intensities as a result of climate change. Fast growing cities, especially those in the global South where many are in low lying deltas, are under pressure to accommodate changing societies and to protect its inhabitants, especially the urban poor.

Life On Land, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Clean Water and Sanitation
Autumn Challenge Programme 2021

This year will be the second edition of the Autumn Challenge Programme! After the success of last year’s programme, this year a new group of students will get the chance to partake in this online experience and work on real-life challenges that seek solutions. The Autumn Challenge consists of educational sessions (lectures), skills workshops and a virtual team collaboration to solve a challenge, centred around the SDG-11 on creating sustainable cities and communities.

Sustainable Cities and Communities