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Rimantė Sedziniauskienė
Kaunas University of Technology

About me

RimantÄ— SedziniauskienÄ—

My challenges

Challenges of Rimantė

Development and supporting of informal networks for transformation of Kaunas towards the Sustainable Learning City

Kaunas aims to be a role model for other learning cities in Lithuania and to contribute to the creation of an information and knowledge society in the country.

Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
One ticket system travelling across Lithuania

Different companies operate different types of transportation, such as trains and buses. From the passenger perspective, that means buying a different ticket.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
Transition of a City Towards Circular Economy

The second-largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas, requires a much stronger focus on the transition towards a circular economy that brings great opportunities to cities and citizens. Modernisation, transformation and sustainability are inevitable for the economy. It is not only beneficial for the competitive market but also for the substantial economic effect.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Partnerships for the Goals
Transforming a Municipality into a Digital City

Digitalisation has the potential not only for business but also for the city governance and closure with the society; to improve the quality of public services in terms of efficiency and transparency and even extend local authorities service scheme.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Partnerships for the Goals
Efficient management of resources in Kaunas city

As eliminating waste and the continual use of resources is one of the European Union’s goals, cities need to enable the circular economy transition.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production
New ways of modern energy consumer engagement

Today energy consumers in developed countries have multiple opportunities to actively participate in energy network: from buying rooftop solar and becoming prosumer, to selling flexibility services with personal EV or home storage. However, utilities struggle to engage consumers to consume energy efficiently and act in the name of a better network.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Affordable and Clean Energy
Transition of Kaunas towards circular economy

The transition towards a more circular economy brings great opportunities for Kaunas city and its citizens.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production