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A sustainable healthcare centre on Costa del Sol

The temporary employment agency Idoc, based in Norrköping, was founded and run by their healthcare staff. The company wants to start a healthcare business on the Costa del Sol in Spain, to meet the growing need for healthcare among tourists and senior Scandinavian citizens who live in the country for the whole or part of the year. Idoc has a strong customer focus. Idoc also focuses on environmental issues, which must be integrated into the business. What does a sustainable healthcare centre of t

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Good Health and Well-being
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Big Data & Climate Change in Barcelona

The IPCC AR6 report (2022) warns that climate change has arrived irreversibly and will affect the lives of citizens worldwide, thus placing cities in the forefront of possible actions. Although there is plenty of climate data to support policies and actions, as well as urban bid data to help us understand how our cities work, we are still missing concrete urban data or correlated data that can impulse data-driven changes and initiatives.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
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Creating an environmentally-friendly community for pets, pet parents and cities

With thousands of pets living in cities, it is essential to ensure the suitability of the environment not only for the pets and their owners but also for the community. A large number of pets in the neighbourhood might be an issue for maintaining the environment clean since it is crucial to dispose of their waste appropriately.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Clean Water and Sanitation
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Data and software services for a sustainable city

Housing and transportation are two main factors for the carbon footprint of modern cities. With smart solutions we can reduce the costs of living and the energy consumption of buildings and offer better services for residents, visitors, employees, and companies. By following and tracking our transportation habits we can better offer services and guide people and corporations to make sustainable choices.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
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Design your future!

Synthetic biology has the potential to bring about epochal changes in medicine, agriculture, industry, ethics. It is crucial to engage not just practitioners and politicians, but the whole society in the debate about how best to guide this research field in a safe and socially useful direction. Gamification is one of the strategies to engage communities and people in science projects. Thus, the aim of the challenge is to engage people with synthetic biology through gaming.

Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Energy consumption and CO2 footprint reduction in the offices of Lithuanian business companies

Due to the political and economic situation, as well as prices influenced by Covid-19 and the current geopolitical situation, many companies today are facing the challenge of having much higher expenses on energy consumption.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production, Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Engaging energy transition to pursue a new energy system

Our current energy system predominantly relies upon fossil fuel producer countries and large electricity supplier companies. They strongly influence energy market prices and provide energy from sources that considerably impact the environment and human health. This system is no longer sustainable. The challenge is to design innovative solutions to effectively communicate and involve civil society in building a new renewable, transparent, distributed energy system that empowers communities.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Affordable and Clean Energy
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Green mobility solutions for solving the negative effects of increasing urbanization

According to The United Nations (UN), in 2050, more than 68 per cent of the population will live in urban areas; compared to nowadays, this number will increase by 13 per cent. The rapid urbanization process causes a number of challenges: it negatively affects citizens' lifestyles, increases the number of motor vehicles in the streets, fosters climate change (such as rising temperature, weather abnormalities and the threat of food crisis), and pollution which causes the greenhouse effect.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Good Health and Well-being
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Plastic: solution or pollution? Closing the loop towards a circular economy.

Without plastics our world of today would be unthinkable. There are hardly any consumer products that work without. Yet – as it is made of mineral oil - plastics is a good far too valuable to waste and can do serious damage, when it doesn’t get recycled properly. Nevertheless, our fullest innovation potential needs to be unfolded until plastics usage has fully transformed into circular value chains.

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production