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Make urban area and complexes more green

Life On Land; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being; Responsible Consumption and Production


MiniGarden company shall develop and sell equipment to establish mini gardens in urban areas. The business idea is to maximize the growing areal in a minimum of space. Marketing, sales, distribution, and administration will be digital and fully integrated. The company shall ensure that production and distribution are executed to the highest environmental standard. The company plans to work in line with several global sustainability goals and focus on SDG-11. 

The growing box automatic fuctionality system help you to grow your food without prior knowledge and experience about agriculture and planting. The automatic errigation system will make you sure that the plants will be alive even after you take a long vacation. 

Our Challenge 

We challenge the student team to develop a B2B business model for the urban area and complexes’ construction companies. 

Expected impact 

The product increases the quality of food by providing the opportunity for people to grow their food materials. The product changes the future of food production and increases citizens' contribution to the food supply chain. The product improves the complex standards and the quality of life in cities. 

Target Groups 

Regional business, municipalities, citizens

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20