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Health Care Funds: Find the New Business Model!

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Good Health and Well-being; Partnerships for the Goals

Challenge: Suggest new business models for Sanifonds, a very dynamic private non-profit local integrative healthcare fund, by focusing on the extending breadth and depth in the delivery of healthcare support.


- Analyze different local scenarios with market analysis tools and lots of creativity

- draw insights from examples and best-practices in the provision of integrative healthcare coming from other regional and national experiences

- benchmark them at the European level 

- elaborate a sound final project with validated suggestions on how to increase the value created by the company for their customers, expand penetration and scope in the provision of healthcare support, improve the culture of healthcare and wellbeing among customers and evolve the domain of expertise of the company’s workforce.

Official language: English

Methodology: you will be led through the phases of market analysis, idea generation and validation, project elaboration and final presentation; you will have at least three meetings with the company for feedbacks about your work; mentorship with expert mentors will facilitate group work and dynamics; interaction with students from different disciplines.

Takeaways: Participating students will:

- learn to convey their creativity into a sound actionable project for immediate implementation by the company

- learn to analyze different regional markets in terms of different consumer behavior, needs, and culture of personal well-being and in terms of different models for the provision of integrative healthcare (private for-profit companies, public companies, hybrid solutions, mutual/cooperative models, etc.)

- get familiar with the peculiar “market” of integrative healthcare funds with public mandate of Sanifonds

- work effectively on the company’s mandate to increase the well-being of their customers while balancing revenues and costs of healthcare support

- receive the company’s feedback of their projects based on their completeness, creativity, and readiness to be implemented to make the difference in people’s health and life

Super takeaway: have lots of fun in working in a very dynamic challenge interacting with teams coming from different ECIU member universities!

Market: Integrative healthcare providers

Team size: up to 30 students divided in 5-6 groups


End of November: online application form will be available

End of January: application deadline

February: student selection

March: start of the challenge

April: End of the challenge

Challenge Team

Alessio Scopa, Managing Director of Sanifonds Trentino,

Roberto Napoli, ECIU Trento Challenge Coordinator, 

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20