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New ways of modern energy consumer engagement

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action; Affordable and Clean Energy


Energy consumption is highest among developed countries, though people have many opportunities to actively participate in the energy market: from buying rooftop solar and becoming prosumer to selling flexibility services with personal EV or home storage. Utility providers struggle to engage consumers to adopt energy-efficient solutions for a better market. Like other providers, Ignitis Group is trying to engage consumers in a future energy market as Lithuania prepares for synchronisation with continental Europe in 2025. Once it kicks-off, Lithuania will have to ensure it has enough power capabilities to conduct flexibility and other demand response services. 

Our challenge 

The energy network synchronisation with Western Europe will force Lithuania to ensure its network balancing capabilities. Ignitis Group is looking for different consumer engagement programmes that would create the right incentives for consumers to engage in flexibility services. Also, to educate consumers about the possibilities to be not only the end-market buyers. To come up with solutions it is important to implement the right technology and new business models and foresee economic incentives to encourage active participation in Demand Side Response services. 

Expected impact

Up to 10 MW of flexibility capabilities through storage, EVs, rooftop PV, etc. 

Target groups

Citizens and businesses. 

Suitable for students who know Object-Oriented Programming principles.

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31