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Transform the free food distribution program guaranteeing alimentary security for vulnerable groups.

Zero Hunger; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Reducing Inequality; Good Health and Well-being; Responsible Consumption and Production


The policies around food security and the respective social services (distribution of alimentation) to social groups in risk situations have traditionally followed an assistancial model based mainly on state and European subsidies. This model has not managed to produce change in terms of transforming peoples´ lives and has gradually rendered part of the population dependent on this subsidy-based approach, often stigmatizing and marginalizing them further. El Prat del Llobregat is located within a fertile river delta and lots of key infrastructures (Airport, Barcelona Central food market - Mercabarna, the agrarian parc, the fluvial parc), elements that provide an unique opportunity to treat the question at hand with a holistic approach, considering the complete food value chain. The provisioned inauguration of a new physical space that can serve as a central hub for coordinating action and activities and the transformation to take place, open a new potential for creating further impact and change.

Our challenge

Rethink and transform the current food security model (free and subsidy-based), by considering the whole food value chain and actors, with the intention to provide a holistic transformation in terms of related policies and practices. Develop and articulate a rich ecosystem around the projected new space, fostering spaces for interexchange and interaction; where new relations can take place, innovation  and knowledge can be produced, new attitudes can emerge regarding the food production and consumption habits of local inhabitants. All this while securing that vulnerable communities/groups have their needs met and all associated social services are guaranteed.

Expected impact

  • Generate activity in the new building centre / attract a diverse and inclusive crowd
  • Engage existing users to the new-model of food distribution and security.
  • Promote new relations and way-of doing things among local stakeholder implicated in the food chain, fostering cooperation and achieving sustainability goals
  • Improve efficiency in the complete food management cycle
  • Create positive impact going further from the assistance model-and impacting other social factors (income generation and employability, education/formation, gender questions, circular economy, food sovereignty etc.)

Target groups

Citizen & thematic associations (farmers, food security etc), administrations, social services (inclusion, gender, economic promotion), food chain stakeholders, NGOs, etc.

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


City of El Prat de Llobregat

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