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Access and attendance control on events

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The City of Aveiro organizes a variety of events with different characteristics. Outside and inside events, sports, culture, fairs and markets activities, ask for different answers. The variability of different kinds of factors leads to an uncertainty context that affects the control and management of events. 

There are isolated systems that collects information, which require a large effort on material and human resources, usually detached from other data sources. 

Also, the current COVID-19 epidemiological situation adds a new challenge for capacity control and avoidance of overcrowding.  

The challenge

The challenge is to adopt an unifying system that serves all purposes and gives real time information about events to a central platform that can predict and adapt answers. 

The information about the use of a specific facility, the flow of people and associated data can improve the event itself and future editions, making possible to adapt the answer. The large number of options brings an additional challenge to solve the most common needs, from preventing the excess of people, to adjust resources and services to the specific needs. Different departments of the city and entities interact together and can tighten their cooperation and working links with central data.   

Expected impact

·       Reduce uncertainty for management of events

·       Adjust material and human resources

·       Control attendance on buildings and public spaces

·       Improve understanging of behaviours, circuits and impacts

·       Increase the efficiency of answer

·       Prevent risks

Target groups

Public and safety entities, citizens

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20