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SuperBlock of Covadonga

Life On Land; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being; Decent Work and Economic Growth


Covadonga is a peripheral neighborhood in Sabadell, although paradoxically situated in the central district of the city. This situation is provoked by the presence of a major city artery (Gran Via) on one side, and the river Ripoll with it high bank rivers on the other. The chronic isolation of the neighborhood has caused a series of urban pathologies (decaying commercial activity and infrastructure, aging population, car dominant urbanscape, poor quality of public space and architecture, feeling of unsafety at night etc). that are conditioning the current development of the area. At the same time the proximity to the city center and accessibility to transportation modes has led to the localization of key actors and infrastructures in the area, (hospital, universities, sport areas, expo area among others ) that create an interesting potential for the reactivation of the area and its dynamic reconversion to a key pole of the city and the area in general. 

Our challenge

Urban mobility and especially car-dominant mobility has a double negative impact: a. adverse health impact on the citizens´ health and a parallel severe degradation of public space, especially when left unregulated. The reactivation of the neighborhood of Covadonga has to happen through the reactivation and rethinking of the local and supra-local mobility and the radical re-design of the totality of its urban space: (streets, squares/public space, buildings, interior patios etc.) in order to overcome the situation of fragmentation and isolation (Gran via / connect with the river Ripoll) and create new public spaces that can generate new activity and fulfill the residents needs and rights to a healthy and social city. 

Expected impact

  • To improve quality of life standards for inhabitants (noise levels, air quality levels, traffic accidents, landscape quality, accessibility to city services) and their overall personal health. 
  • To create an inclusive but attractive public space that generates activity and fulfills users´ expectations
  • To promote the further redevelopment of the area and attract new actors (new commerce, start-ups, related activities) to install and operate in the Covadonga area.

Target groups

City administrations, citizen & thematic associations (mobility, health in the city etc), designers, scientists/researchers

More information on the urban laboratory

Deadline for applications : 2021-01-20