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Increase knowledge, action and reuse of fashion through tech innovation

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action; Responsible Consumption and Production


VARIÉ is a company who since 2017 sells premiumclothes to relove online at and from a physical store in Norrköping. The business model is to sell clothes on commission for private persons and fashionbrands Filippa K and REMAKE but also to educate in why consume more conscious. The textile industry and how we consume clothes since mid 1950 is enormous and not sustainable. The resources, i e water, pesticides and mainly fossil energy, that you need to produce clothes stands for 80% of the negative effect on the environment and the overproduction is huge. The best thing consumers can do is to use what they already have a lot or to reuse clothes. VARIÉ works in a new circular economy where we want to use clothes that already is produced but do it in a way that is inspiring, effective and challenges existing consuming culture.



The challenge for VARIÉ is that we only have one unique product - one of each, not volume of same Another challenge is the working process of this unique product;  from curating, to photograph it, register and selling online in an inspiring, fast and fashionable way. This do not exist today.

VARIÉ need help to find a way to interact with and inform customers. We want to increase knowledge and inspire sustainable fashion and consumption. And we need help to locally support selling clothes to relove (second hand) in a physical store and online.