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Mobility transport units communicate with each other

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action
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Mobility transport units are still human-operated. Changes in traffic or weather conditions may affect the passenger journey. The personnel have to evaluate the current situation, make decisions and take actions. Then communicate to passengers as it may affect their journey.

Our challenge 

There is no communication between different types of transport, even when there is a problem. For instance, if there is a massive fog in the morning, a journey by car or a bus will take longer than usual. However, passengers are not advised to take other transportation, such as a train that is more resistant to weather conditions. 

Transportation means could be able identify upcoming changes using historical data and decide not to travel as the passenger demand has changed. However, public transport is always on a schedule today, regardless of the changes in demand, weather or traffic conditions. All this add to more CO2 emission, public transport delays and passenger dissatisfaction. 

Expected impact

Mobility transport units can communicate with one another while also with infrastructure and smart stations to get the information about the passenger numbers, the road traffic, weather conditions and accordingly optimise mobility services. 

Target groups

Citizens and businesses. 

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-14