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Audio description of art

Information Technology and Communication Sciences        1 ECTS



The thematic module familiarizes the student with the audiodesciption (AD) of artistic products and venues of different kinds: art galleries, museums and theatre plays. The module introduces the production processes and the basic principles and guidelines for this type of AD and familiarizes the student with authentic examples of AD in museums around the world


After completing the module, the student is able to articulate the basic principles of audiodescribing visual art and theatre and knows how AD is typically produced for and presented in different artistic venues. The student is able to describe the difference between audiodescribing static and dynamic artistic products. The student is able to analyse AD products and is able to produce a basic AD script for a static artistic product, such as a painting or a sculpture.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme:


Semester: All

Starting date: February 2021

Finishing date:

Enrollment period: Deadline is 7 days before the starting date.

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Provider University: Tampere University

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