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Renewable Energy Conversion

Energy - 6 ECTS

University of Aveiro



The course comprises the analysis of the fundamental processes, and research developments, related to the conversion of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, ocean thermal energy, and bioenergy. Then, some of the technologies applying the processes for renewable energy sources conversion are analyzed, and the impacts and opportunities of the proposed solutions addressed.


The student will be able to identify and to apply fundamental concepts to the analysis of distinct processes and technologies related to renewable energy conversion, including solar, wind, ocean thermal energy, and bioenergy. Students should also be able to suggest solutions to energy conversion problems, computing the impact of the proposed solutions.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Masters

Language: Portuguese/English

Study mode: Offline in classroom, with course contens at the e-learning webpage. In these pandemic times, we have checked with teachers that it can be attended online.

SDG11 Theme: Energy and sustainability


Semester: Spring

Starting date: February

Finishing date: July

Enrollment period: TBA

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Provider University: Universidade de Aveiro

The admission is currently possible for learners from ECIU partner universities. Please fill this document and send it to the admission-contact person: