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Innovative Production Technologies – T130M023

Environmental Science                                 6 ECTS

Kaunas University of Technology



The students are taught to know the modern manufacturing methods of mechatronic systems and apply them in high tech enterprises. They are taught to understand the newest tendencies in the development of CIM and artificial intelligence and to be able to apply the newest achievements in science and technology in the practical activities.


To be able to select an innovative technological processes, foresee requirements for technological equipment and processes;
To be able to select and manage modern production processes; 
To understand fundamentals of innovative production technologies and main physical processes, possibilities and peculiarities of their applications;
To understand and is able to evaluate the production circumstances of a high-tech company by choosing a technology process;
To understand the role of concurrent engineering in the production of innovative mechanical systems;
To be able to explain principles and application of flexible manufacturing systems.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Partly Online

SDG11 Theme: Resilient communities; Circular economy 


Semester: Spring

Starting date: 1 February 2021

Finishing date: 31 May 2021

Enrollment period: TBA

Link to the course description: TBA

Additional Info: No limit for students

Provider University: Kaunas University of Technology


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