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Games, gamification, serious games and accessibility

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The thematic module focuses on visual accessibility in games and VR experiences. It briefly introduces basics of visual accessibility, and some of the needs of individuals with different visual needs. Next, the lecture provides two main discussion points; 1. how most games are visually inaccessible, and how some mainstream games are accidentally accessible to large extent, and, 2. how games, and especially VR, experiences can be very valuable and allow access to life experiences that visually impaired individuals can’t easily access such as diving, mountain climbing, or even being a sniper in an army.


After completing this thematic module, the student will know how and why many games are visually inaccessible and how such games can be redesigned towards accessibility and facilitate positive, inaccessible life experiences for many individuals.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online


Semester: All

Enrolment period: Continuous

Additional information: This course is studied independently online and at your own pace.

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