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Development and Management of Sustainability Projects




The goal of the module is to develop the behavioural skills, emotional intelligence, ethical stance, and project understanding necessary to lead and contribute to sustainable project processes, practices and outcomes. The core unit provides the framework and impetus for a sustainable and intelligent approach to the introduction of innovation, the delivery of change and the strategic management of organisations through portfolios and programs.


• Gain knowledge about economic, social and technological sustainability innovations, theories of creativity. Are able systematically evaluate project idea, goals, develop tasks and analyse life cycle of its phases, to plan the duration of the project and possible risks.

 • Acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills about the basic principles, concepts and strategies of project management, is able to apply them in creating real projects. Has the skills to work in an interdisciplinary group.

 • Able to apply strategies based on the concept of sustainability for the development and management of projects in various fields. Ability to systematically evaluate the project idea, goals, formulate tasks and analyse the life cycles of its stages, to reasonably plan the duration of the project and anticipate potential risks. Has theoretical knowledge of various project management models.

Module level: Basic

Degree level: Masters

Language: English

Study mode: On-campus

SDG11 Theme:  Resilient communities

Open to Life Long Learners: Yes


Semester: Spring

Starting date: 01.02.2022

Finishing date: 15.06.2022

Enrollment period: From 10.12.2021 to 20.01.2022

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