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Intercultural Competences: Guiding practical insights through Citizen Science (ICCS)

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The Intercultural Competences micro-module is a collaboration between eight universities within the ECIU network working together to give you the best education in a flexible and student-driven setup. Within nine weeks and with a 2 ECTS study load, you will receive a professional and personal assessment of your intercultural competences level; insightful lectures from top experts within Europe; team-based coaching and a practical application of your skills within an international project about Citizen Science. This course is open for all ECIU university students and is completely free of charge.

Whether in your studies, your ECIU challenge or your future careers, the need to develop your intercultural competences is becoming more and more important. Being connected with other countries and other cultures can provide you with wonderful opportunities for collaboration and new and refreshing insights. To accommodate such creative collaboration, it is important to make sure you have the right tools for effective teamwork in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary groups. In the ECIU Micro-module on Intercultural Competences, you will learn how you can better understand and work within diverse groups; how to improve on your communicative skills and create an effective team, and how you can apply and present your solutions in a broad variety of contexts. 


On completion of this course, the student will be able to achieve the following outcomes:

- LG1 Evaluating your initial intercultural competence level and your progress during the micro module;
- LG2 Evaluate a Citizen Science project in your own cultural context and that of your peers;
- LG3 Evaluate the main difference in cultural backgrounds, communication styles and behaviour in multi-cultural and diverse teamwork;
- LG4 Apply cross-cultural diversity in your project to achieve greater group performances;
- LG5 Apply the main elements of Citizen Science in a small group project using a structured (creative) problem-solving approach.

Module level: Introduction

Degree level: Bachelor and Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme: Suitable for all themes


Semester: Continuous

Starting date: 26 September 2022

Finishing date: 1 November 2022

Additional information on the course / limitations: The number of ECIU students participating on this course is limited

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University of Twente

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