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Climate Change, Adaption, and the City - PGLCISK17102

Urban, environment and energy planning
Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action


The programme builds on a combination of professional, problem-based and interdisciplinary approaches and is organized on the basis of the following work and evaluation forms combining skills and professional reflection, where students cquire knowledge, skills and competences in the field of climate change and adptation. Type of instruction might include: lectures, class teaching, project work, workshops, assignments (individually and in groups), teacher feedback, reflection, portfolio work etc.



  • Must have knowledge of causes, development, and effects of climate change from global to local scale
  • Must have knowledge on the principles of climate modelling
  • Must have knowledge on the limitations of global climate models
  • Must have knowledge on techniques for addressing climate change adaptation


  • Must be able to obtain climate model predictions at the global and local scale
  • Must be able to assess the impact(s) of climate change at the global and locale scale
  • Must be able to able to assess the similarities and differences of climate change in peri-urban and urban settings


  • Must have the competence to compile climate predications for an area of interest
  • Must have the competence to summarise and present climate predictions to a non-specialist audience
  • Must have the competence to use climate predications when developing climate change adaptation plans

Module level: Basic/Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: 

SDG11 Theme:


Semester: Autumn

Starting date: 1 September 2021

Finishing date: 1 December 2021

Enrollment period: August

Additional information: The course will have a cost of approximately 400 EURO

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Aalborg University

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