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Research Methods in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning - 709A07

Urban Planning
Closed for application



The course introduces research methods and design of research projects relevant to strategic urban and regional planning. The course discusses central qualitative and quantitative methods used in the field and how these methods are designed, developed, presented and implemented in research and practice. In the course, scientific texts and the scientific discourse are studied and problematised by reviewing scientific publications and research reports in strategic urban and regional planning. Research ethics and good research practices are addressed and discussed. The course also covers the research process, how a scientific paper is written and how research results are presented.


On completion of the course, the student should be able to:
- describe research methods in urban and regional planning
- evaluate and critically discuss the advantages and limitations of scientific methods
- appraise and critically reflect on ethical approaches in relation to different research methods in urban and regional planning
- manage and analyse empirical material according to scientifically accepted methods of analysis
- formulate research questions and develop a research design related to strategic urban and regional planning, its methods and theories

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Campus based

SDG11 Theme: 

ECTS: 7.5

Semester: Spring 2022

Starting date: -

Finishing date: -

Enrollment period: 16/8 - 15/10

Additional Info: 

Single subject and programme course

Entry requirements: Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen in Urban and Regional Planning, or equivalent

English corresponding to the level of English in Swedish upper secondary education (English 6/B)

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