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Interaction Design for User eXperience

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This micro-module should inspire you to develop your interaction design as a people-centric co-design process. The basics of user experience design and evaluation will be addressed from its basic definitions and core concepts to practical examples with some hands-on exercises - UX of a Music Player APP. The fundamental learning outcome is to understand and really unleash the potential of the several UX design methods and techniques. In the end of the micro-module every student/participant should have the knowledge to redefine an interaction design process to foster a genuine user experience in their final products/interaction devices.


» Setup an interaction design process of their products/interaction devices, or ideas, to foster a genuine user experience.

» Quickly transform and idea of a product into a prototype capable of simulation roughly its behaviour.

» Plan and apply a nano-User Experience test to the protoype.

» Use UX design and evaluation techniques, such as AXE, SAM techniques and gather qualitative data with experience rating nominal scales.

» Learn from their data and improve their prototype's User eXperience and User Interface design.

Module Level: Basic

Degree level: Bachelor

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme: Communication Sciences and Technologies, Design

Open to Life Long Learners: Yes


Semester: Spring

Starting date: February 2022

Finishing date: April 2022

Enrolment period: Until 28 February 2022

Participation Form: Fill in the application form available here. For further information please send an email to the Admission Office.


University of Aveiro

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