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Linguistic accessibility and machine translation

Information Technology and Communication Sciences
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The module introduces the ways MT is being used today, specifically when it is used for 'gisting', or achieving an understanding of a text that is in a language a person does not speak themselves. The module will then focus on the various proposals and projects focused on using MT to promote linguistic accessibility.


Upon completion of this module, students will be able to describe some of the main use cases for machine translation (MT) today. They will demonstrate an understanding of the different groups of people using MT and how they are using it, and they will be able to discuss the ways projects have proposed to improve linguistic accessibility for underserved groups through the use of MT.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online


Semester: All

Enrollment period: Continuous

Additional information: This course is studied independently online and at your own pace.

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