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Design Thinking - From idea to reality.

Transversal Methodology
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The workshop "From idea to reality" is a training guide that seeks to help people in the process of analysis, concretion, and materialization of ideas to transform them into real projects. We will use the Design Thinking methodology, a methodology characterized by its level of playfulness, organization, creativity, and success in levels of knowledge transfer. First, we will see with a concrete example, how an idea is fed by the "Design Thinking" process until it becomes an award-winning project with international impact, and later we will enter the co-creative phase, going through the various phases of this methodology (Empathizing, Definition, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing). In addition, to align with the challenge resolution methodology, we will demonstrate the challenge Based learning in the initial process and the Transfer and Applicability processes in the final part of the methodological development for the projects. Furthtermore, tools are provided for the development of innovation processes in teaching, research, or transfer.


General objective: Know and apply the general work methodology from the Challenge based perspective and the development of the project from Design thinking. Specific objectives: Know the methodology and show real examples. Know the use of Design Thinking tools. Know the use of tools from the Maker spaces. Learn about the importance of co-creative processes.

Module level: Basic

Degree level: Bachelor / Master

Language: English

Study mode: On campus

SDG11 Theme: Transversal


Semester: Autumn

Starting date: 18 October 2021

Finishing date: 22 October 2021

Enrollment period: Until 4 October 2021

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The admission is currently possible for learners from ECIU partner universities. Please fill the above form and send it to the admission-contact person: