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Lithuanian for Foreigners (level A1) – H592B014

Language Studies

MODULE TYPE: Language learning


The study module is designed to develop communicative competence in the Lithuanian language: Lithuanian alphabet, knowledge of pronunciation peculiarities, parts of speech and their grammatical categories and their application in communicative situations). Abilities to form questions and sentences of simple structure are fostered. Students are taught to comprehend both written and listened text. Students acquire knowledge on how to express location, time, belongings, addressee. Both communicative purposefulness (abilities to communicate on simple topics at the university, street, being as a guest, in a cafe or department store) and social competence (cognition of human behaviour, communication culture, etiquette, traditions) are developed.


  • read simple text, understand common names, words and simple sentences; understand words and phrases about yourself and the environment when listening slowly and clearly; tell and answer questions in short sentences
  • communicate, if the communicant is ready to repeat, rephrase; answer simple questions about daily life;
  • tell about yourself, participate in discussions, express your opinion;
  • write a simple text, fill in an application form.


Module level: Introduction

Degree level: Bachelor, Master

Language: Lithuanian

Study mode: On campus


Semester: Autumn/spring

Starting date: 1 September 2021 for Autumn

Finishing date:15 January 2022 for Autumn

Enrollment period: 24 August 2021 for Autumn

Additional information / limitations: No limit for students.

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