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The geopolitics of energy transition - MEE200

Affordable and Clean Energy



The course explores the relationship between the energy transition and international energy politics and governance. In particular, the course explores the geopolitics of renewables, that is the impact of wind, solar, and bioenergy use on inter-state relations and the set of institutions and organisations that structure international transactions and politics in the field of energy.



Geopolitics and international relations theory

The role of energy in international politics

Concepts and theories related to the subject of the course

Energy politics in a number of geographical areas

The fragmented system of global energy governance

The impact of the energy transition on international affairs

Controversies related to the on-going transition towards renewables Skills: description of different cases with an

Importance to the geopolitics of energy

Description of theoretical concepts related to the geopolitics of energy

Application of a (number of) perspective(s) to a given case

Addressing various challenges with regard to global energy governance

Showing an understanding of international environmental negotiations and governance

Assessing the links between the geopolitics of energy the energy transformation

Critically assessing and evaluating different energy- and environment-related policy measures

Demonstrating an understanding of the range and substance of political and policy issues related to energy politics and energy security concerns  


Formulating and expressing knowledge about problems associated with today's system of energy governance

Formulating and communicating challenges associated with bringing energy systems in alignment with ecological limits
processing quantitative as well as qualitative data

Making effective presentations

Showing a good capacity for independent learning 

Module level: Basic

Degree level: Master

Language: English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme: Energy and sustainability

ECTS: 10

Semester: Spring semester

Starting date: January

Finishing date: June

Enrollment period: TBA

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