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Traffic and Road Safety

Civil Engineering



Traffic and Road Safety curricular unit is particularly focused on the study of aspects related to mobility, accessibility, transportation, and road safety. The quality of life is in a certain way related to ease of access to necessary goods and services, and the guarantee of access to different spots is usually a major concern of policymakers. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the movement of people and goods is effected in the best possible conditions. These systems, which are complex, require interventions at different levels, and obligate the engineers to have adequate technical-scientific training that enables them to competently face the various problems they are confronted with. Thus, it is intended to provide students, future professionals, knowledge and skills that enable them to solve the most common traffic problems.


The students that attend Traffic and Road Safety should acquire skills to intervene in the area of traffic engineering namely:

  • identify and outline the main principles and basic concepts related to traffic engineering;
  • determine the service level of a road;
  • distinguish the various types of road intersections;
  • perform the geometric design of a road intersection;
  • determine the capacity and service levels at intersections;
  • design traffic light signal systems;
  • identify parking policies;
  • design parking places;
  • characterize and measure the elements of pedestrian infrastructure;
  • distinguish the traffic calming measures and prepare a plan for their implementation;
  • recognize the various types of road signs and placement rules;
  • identify key intervention processes in road safety;
  • detect and correct accident accumulation zones.

Module level: Advanced

Degree level: Integrated Master

Language: Portuguese & English

Study mode: Offline

SDG11 Theme: Transport and mobility


Semester: Spring

Starting date: 25 February 2021

Finishing date: 2 July 2021

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