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Innovation challenges

Closed for application

MODULE TYPE: Transversal


Innovation Challenges (ECIU) is all about solving real-life problems in multidisciplinary and international teams. You will learn about developing user-based solutions, utilizing multidisciplinary expertise and a whole bunch of valuable working life skills like critical thinking, creativity and successful teamwork. 

This course is built to follow the design thinking process for innovation in practice and relies on self-guidance, a cornerstone of challenge-based learning. From the broad topics given by external clients, teams will form their own challenges based on their interests and real needs of the community. 

Innovation Challenges (ECIU) is an international version of our own Innovation Challenges, which means that the course is open for learners in 14 different ECIU-universities around Europe, but we also hope to see learners from Tampere Universities! 


Adapting to a multidisciplinary teamwork environment. Taking one’s expertise and theoretical knowledge into practice. Challenging one’s own thinking and trust the team. Gaining insight about one’s own strengths and capabilities. Understanding the challenge from the customer's and end-users' perspectives. Setting your own goals and tracking their progression. Solving real life challenges and pitching the results in English.


Module level:

Degree level: Bachelor / Master

Language: English

Study mode: Offline currently

SDG11 Theme:

ECTS: 3-5

Semester: Spring / Autumn

Starting date: 9 March 2021

Finishing date: 30 April 2021

Enrollment period: Deadline is 7 days before the starting date.


Tampere University

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Innovation Challenges (ECIU) is all about solving real-life problems in multidisciplinary and international teams. You will learn about developing user-based solutions, utilizing multidisciplinary expertise and a whole bunch of valuable working life skills like critical thinking, creativity and successful teamwork.