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Finnish Start Online - KIE-10126

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MODULE TYPE: Language studies


Target level of the course is A1.2, developing elementary proficiency (CEFR application by Finnish National Agency for Education). Course consists of self-study modules in Moodle. In addition to that, there are optional online meetings to practise interaction. By the end of the course student will have tools for managing in varying everyday situations. Student will be able to introduce themself and tell about their hobbies, family and studies in Finnish. Student understands Finnish instructions, signs and short texts in their immediate surroundings.


After completing all the modules of this course, the student can manage in everyday situations using basic phrases, i.e. in student cafeteria and stores and when travelling by bus and train, can greet and introduce themself in Finnish. Student can use numbers and different expressions of time, can understand Finnish instructions, signs and short texts in the surrounding environment, will be able to tell about their hobbies, family and studies in Finnish and can recognise Finnish verb types and can apply the knowledge to new verbs.

Module level: Introduction

Degree level: Bachelor/Master

Language: Finnish/English

Study mode: Online

SDG11 Theme:

ECTS: 1-5

Semester: Spring

Starting date: 1 August 2021 for Autumn.

Finishing date: 31 December 2021 for Autumn.

Enrollment period:  30 October for Autumn.

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Additional information on the course / limitations: The number of ECIU students participating on this course is limited


Tampere University

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