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Alessandra Scroccaro
University of Trento

About me

Post doc researcher at the he School of Innovation an interdepartmental structure on innovation, entrepreneurship and innovative education.

As a part of the University of Trento’s strategic plan, it is mainly aimed at students and LifeLong Learners who would like to apply their creativity and learn how to develop innovation in existing institutions or launch new businesses.

My challenges

Challenges of Alessandra

Health Care Funds: Find the New Business Model!

Suggest new business models for Sanifonds, a very dynamic private non-profit local integrative healthcare fund, by focusing on the extending breadth and depth in the delivery of healthcare support.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Good Health and Well-being, Partnerships for the Goals
Alpine Smart Working: Your Office in the Mountains

In recent years, peripheral territories have often been considered as a dormitory, from which people commute daily to city centers. In the worst cases, people have to leave home in order to stay near their place of work. Small coworking spaces offer an alternative: people spend less time driving, thereby also contributing to reducing traffic and pollution, and don’t need to relocate to city centers, thereby improving their work-life balance.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Good Health and Well-being
Closed for application
Design your future!

Synthetic biology has the potential to bring about epochal changes in medicine, agriculture, industry, ethics. It is crucial to engage not just practitioners and politicians, but the whole society in the debate about how best to guide this research field in a safe and socially useful direction. Gamification is one of the strategies to engage communities and people in science projects. Thus, the aim of the challenge is to engage people with synthetic biology through gaming.

Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities