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Marike Boertien
Linköping University

My challenges

Challenges of Marike

New Technology Business Development

Over the last two decades the amount of business and public organizations in a variety of sectors that have been generated on intellectual proprietary rights has increased dramatically, making them the fourth production factor in economies today. The way new technologies emerge in markets has also changed. Rather than conquering new markets and target groups, new technologies are nowadays co-designed and co-created involving many visible hands.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities
In progress
Project Signals and Models

Many problems require a technical solution: a physical system that shows certain behavior. Think about eg. a Segway, a camera stabilizer, a stabilized spoon for a Parkinson patient and of course drones. To make such a systema and control it, one first needs to analyze the problem and based on that, model the expected behavior of the solution. When designing this solution one also needs to think about what signals will be generated, how the system should respond to these.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production
Increase the (feeling of) autonomy of people with a visual impairment

Until now, blind and very visually impaired people can only cycle on a tandem or duo bike. As a result, they are always on the same bicycle with another person. So far, there is no solution available for blind and visually impaired people who would like to move independently and separately from another person on their own bicycle.
This challenge is about increasing the autonomy of people with a visual impairment, in such a way that they can cycle with (much) less dependency on other people.

Reducing Inequality, Good Health and Well-being