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Cia Lundwall
Linköping University

About me

Work as a facilitator in the inGenious course (799G52).

My challenges

Challenges of Cia

In progress
Träullit - an environmentally friendly and recyclable building material

Träullit, founded in 1946, manufactures wood wool panels and slabs, and now also exterior walls. Wood wool spruce is a fantastic material sprung from our nature, joined with pure cement. Träullit is a fantastic product with many excellent properties and with great development potential. The company wants to think more circularly. Today the company got lots of waste material when cutting the wood wool blocks. What can we use the waste for?

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production
Closed for application
ECIU Creathon: Viable communities of a post-Covid world

Looking for an amazing experience, together with your fellow students and friends? This is your chance! Viable communities offers you an event, where you meet interesting companies, can think of new ways to deal with their challenges and have lots of fun! Will you be joining on the 13 & 14th of November?

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Partnerships for the Goals, Affordable and Clean Energy
In progress
Cultivate algae in the Baltic Sea

CNETO, centre for new energy technology, in Oskarshamn has a direction towards the nuclear fuel cycle but is open to all kinds of new technologies that provide solutions towards a more sustainable society. We know that algae have the capacity to reduce significantly CO2 from the atmosphere and at the same time provide food and be an innovative alternative to meat and animal fodder. Therefore we are interested in investigating how we can cultivate algae in the Baltic Sea.

Life On Land, Life Below Water, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action
Open for application
A sustainable healthcare centre on Costa del Sol

The temporary employment agency Idoc, based in Norrköping, was founded and run by their healthcare staff. The company wants to start a healthcare business on the Costa del Sol in Spain, to meet the growing need for healthcare among tourists and senior Scandinavian citizens who live in the country for the whole or part of the year. Idoc has a strong customer focus. Idoc also focuses on environmental issues, which must be integrated into the business. What does a sustainable healthcare centre of t

Sustainable Cities and Communities, Good Health and Well-being