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Deger Ozkaramanli
University of Twente

About me

I am assistant professor in Human-Centred Design at the Department of Design, Production and Management. I am fascinated by the richness of dilemmas people experience in daily life. That’s why as a designer and researcher, I pursue dilemma-driven design in my work. I developed dilemma-driven design as part of my doctoral studies by integrating psychology of dilemmas with human-centred design methodologies. This led to a new design approach that not only generates genuine empathy for people’s deeply-held aspirations and values, but it also stimulates critical thinking and creativity in design processes.

Currently, I work with the moral dimensions of dilemmas and research the ethical questions and moral dilemmas designers experience in their practices. For this, I weave together knowledge from design ethics, moral psychology, and critical theory to support systematic modes of ethical reasoning when dealing with such moral dilemmas.

I am a research fellow at DesignLab - a cross-disciplinary ecosystem connecting science with society for tackling complex societal challenges (often within the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).