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Design your future!

Synthetic biology has the potential to bring about epochal changes in medicine, agriculture, industry, ethics. It is crucial to engage not just practitioners and politicians, but the whole society in the debate about how best to guide this research field in a safe and socially useful direction. Gamification is one of the strategies to engage communities and people in science projects. Thus, the aim of the challenge is to engage people with synthetic biology through gaming.

Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Hitchhikers’ guides, virtual Charons, and the future of cultural objects.

This initiative is aimed at discussing scenarios or long-term changes in the creation, distribution, and consumption of cultural objects. The perspective that will be applied in the challenge is inspired by the idea that the future is not completely traced by the past but may offer innovative and challenging opportunities to human societies and if positively inspired to reverse discriminative practices and homogeneity pressures that permeate mainstream cultural offers and the artistic markets.

Good Health and Well-being
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The Tanning Industry Challenge

The Leather tanning industry is often perceived as particularly resource intensive. In fact, in the last period and particularly in the last years it has steadily drawn inspiration from the UN sustainable development goals, which boosted its vision towards consistent investments in innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production
Alpine Smart Working: Your Office in the Mountains

In recent years, peripheral territories have often been considered as a dormitory, from which people commute daily to city centers. In the worst cases, people have to leave home in order to stay near their place of work. Small coworking spaces offer an alternative: people spend less time driving, thereby also contributing to reducing traffic and pollution, and don’t need to relocate to city centers, thereby improving their work-life balance.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Good Health and Well-being
Business Analytics for a Sustainable Telecommunication Market

The telecommunication market is reaching saturation in terms of offered bandwidth, with new entrants who increase the sector’s competitiveness, thereby lowering prices and increasing players’ efficiency. Players hence need to find new opportunities and innovative lines of business.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities
From Farm to Fork

The grand topic of the challenge is distribution and delivery of local agricultural production to help small farmers and allow a healthy lifestyle for the population.

Sustainable Cities and Communities
Health Care Funds: Find the New Business Model!

Suggest new business models for Sanifonds, a very dynamic private non-profit local integrative healthcare fund, by focusing on the extending breadth and depth in the delivery of healthcare support.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Good Health and Well-being, Partnerships for the Goals
Help SMEs play the Innovation game

The challenge provider, DIH TAA, is a regional centre of excellence in support of companies to guide them in the digital transformation with 4.0 innovation services.
Let’s help DIHT be more effective!

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities
User eXperience Challenge

A two day Design Sprint during which you will analyze, evaluate and re-design the User eXperience of digital products and services brought by Italian companies. Students and recent graduates will form groups and work with UX expert mentors to improve the capability of apps and software to meet users' needs and expectations.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities