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SPRINT Innovation Festival 2022

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production


SPRINT Innovation Festival is a grand annual event organized by Tampere University, which brings together 15 different challenge providers –ranging from large corporations to NGOs– and over 500 students from Finland and abroad.


The challenge

Or more specifically challenges. This year Sprint will be a hybrid event, some of the challenges will be held fully live and others fully online. ECIU STUDENTS CAN APPLY TO 2 DIFFERENT ONLINE CHALLENGES, which are:


Open source, hybrid situational awareness of public gatherings to support authorities

Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation services. This challenge is about collecting information about public gatherings with the help of open source intelligence (OSINT) with the ultimate goal of making public events safer for everyone. You will have the opportunity to create roadmaps and concrete examples on scenarios on how you can make public events safer with the help of data.



Today we sell products. Tomorrow, we want to sell carbon neutral solutions and services.

Valmet produces plastic-based textile consumables for customers operating board, tissue, and paper machines globally. As Valmet’s goal is to get new ideas for service and business models that encourage customers to make more carbon-friendly choices related to shipments, product usage, and recycling the used products and product packages, we challenge you to innovate new ways for delivering carbon neutrality to Valmet customers.   

A new reporting tool for the total carbon footprint plays a substantial role here. The solution could be gamified or other easy-to-understand automated concepts.



You have the opportunity to create an impact on one of two different fronts. Overall public safety of public events or bring sustainability to an age old industry. SPRINT often serves as the spring board to bring change to the companies that provide these challenges



SPRINT is an intensive 1-week event, students are expected to participate in: 

  • Pre-Sprint orientation event online 1.11. 17-19 hrs (EET)
  • Sprint week 7.-11.11 (Mon-Fri every day) 8.30-16 (EET)



PLEASE BE AWARE, THAT IN ADDITION TO APPLYING TO THE CHALLENGE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, WE ASK TO YOU REGISTER DIRECTLY TO SPRINT AS WELL THROUGH THIS FORM. This in order to keep track of all students, as we expect over 500 participants from different institutions and platforms.

Application dedline: 2022-10-23

Select ECIU as your organization and the 2 challenges above in order of preference (we cannot guarantee that you will make it to your first choice. Please observe that you must select a third option as well, select any challenge in order to complete the form, ECIU students will participate only in the 2 challenges mentioned above.