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For a more sustainable university campus

How to reduce energy waste on INSA’s campus?
Sustainable Cities and Communities; Affordable and Clean Energy
Closed for application

About the challenge

In order to develop a sustainable campus at INSA Toulouse, three working groups have been created to take care of environmental issues on the campus. One of these group is dedicated to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. Some of our buildings are old and without any possibility to be renovated but the others are relatively new with high insolation and modern control equipment. Yet, as there is no supervision of the energy consumption in those buildings, they are still overconsuming. The aim of the challenge will be to bring some solutions to this problem.

Applicatin deadline: 15 October 2022

Expected Class composition: Open to all learners with a focus on initial learners. It’s also possible to apply for researchers.

Average workload and responsibilities: Hours per week (4 hours): Meetings (1h), group work (3h)

Accreditation: 3 ECTS

The project will be run over a ten-week period:
W40: Kick-off - October the 3rd
W44: First interim presentation
W48: Second interim presentation
W50: Closing event

Mobility Resources: This challenge may include a short mobility experience in Toulouse for the restitution of the students (pending to be confirmed).

Competencies: Process engineering (fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, …) but also communication capability or economics skills could be relevant for the project.