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For a more sustainable university restaurant

How to reduce the campus restaurant’s impact on climate change?
Zero Hunger; Sustainable Cities and Communities
Closed for application

About The Challenge

In order to develop a sustainable campus at INSA Toulouse, three work groups have been created to tackle environmental campus related issues"

One of these groups is dedicated to reducing the food greenhouse emission impact. For one year we have modified our student restaurant service chain by introducing for each food line vegetable menu options to reduce our greenhouse impact. The first results are promising with a strong increase of the number of vegetarian menus to reach recently 40% of the total menu offer leading to 30% reduction of our greenhouse emission.

In order to continue with these changes, we plan for the next year to build new meat arian menus with less meat inside and with a better quality and less greenhouse impacts. Such a project must include good preparation and also consider health consequences by working with nutritionists. A good communication strategy should also be developed to explain the reasons of these changes. 

The final purpose of this challenge will be to work on the way to decrease our food greenhouse emission onto the campus's restaurant.

Application deadline: 30 September 2022

Average workload and responsibilities: Hours per week (4 hours), Meetings (1h), group work (3h).

Expected Class composition: Especially for undergraduate and graduate students but possible for researchers from all disciplines or continuous learners.

Mobility: Online sessions are proposed to manage this challenge, but onsite final presentation could be also proposed depending on possible mobility resources.

The project will be run over a ten-week period:
W40: Kick-off - October the 3rd
W44: First interim presentation
W48: Second interim presentation
W50: Closing event

Strong involvement is required to collect data base, to develop the new menus and to deploy an efficient communication.