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How to make University of Stavanger a greener university?

What can I do as a student?
Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action

About the challenge
The green transition plays a key role in the University of Stavanger’s strategy towards 2030. UiS will also work for sustainable campus development in line with the strategy.

In this regard, the Department of Innovation and Societal Engagement at the University of Stavanger challenge students on how to make the campus greener from students’ perspective.

We challenge you as a student to propose an idea on how we make UiS a greener university.

Three days’ workshop will be held from October 4th to 6th at the University of Stavanger.

Students learn about sustainability and green transition in theory; now it’s time to practice it in real life. In this way, we include students in the green transition path hand in hand with researchers and all staffs.

Application deadline: 09.09.2022

Workload: 18 hours for three days (physical)

Format: Onsite

Credit type: Certificate

Number of seats available: 30 (10 seats are reserved for international ECIU students)

Mobility resources:
The challenge will take place physically on UiS’ campus in Stavanger. Online participation will not be possible. For information on funding possibilities for travel, please contact your home university or (see ECIU University Learner Support)   

You can find more information on the Practical information website or contact us via or