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Hitchhikers’ guides, virtual Charons, and the future of cultural objects.

Building Futures Scenarios for a folklore and traditional culture museum.
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About The Challenge

This initiative is aimed at discussing scenarios or long-term changes in the creation, distribution, and consumption of cultural objects. The perspective that will be applied in the challenge is inspired by the idea that the future is not completely traced by the past but may offer innovative and challenging opportunities to human societies and if positively inspired to reverse discriminative practices and homogeneity pressures that permeate mainstream cultural offers and the artistic markets. Futures studies approach offers the possibility to introduce students to analysis of complex societal and global dynamics and interdependence between technological and social change. Futures envisioning suggest thinking about the futures as factual spaces where to situate our preferences in terms of social interactions, work and daily life and where our public and citizenship rights can be acted. 

The challenge encourages students, organised in multidisciplinary teams, to address critical aspects of the transformation of cultural objects with a fresh attitude, evaluating the variety of possible progresses and their unexpected social, technological, and economic implications. The instance of our challenge provider – an ethnographic museum - will offer the teams an opportunity to discuss and explore cultural and social trends, such as the preservation and diffusion of folklore and culture of European ethnic and linguistic minorities, the standardisation of cultural products offered in social media and on demand platforms, and the marketization of heritage and man-made landscapes.

Within 16 October 2022:

Average workload
1 hours a day for 5 days a week for 6 weeks plus mentor meetings and presentations

3 ECTS for ECIU students; 1 extra ECTS will be awarded to students who help the instructor do some paperwork during the challenge, e.g. translating materials from Italian into English and similar.

Language requirement 
English B2 Level

Mobility Resources
Kick-off, museum visit and first meeting are in presence in Trento. The rest of the challenge is blended (online for ECIU participants, in presence for Unitn students).

ECIU students can ask for funding information at their home University. 

Regarding mobility options, please consult your home university. You can find more information on the Practical information website or contact us via or