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Data and software services for a sustainable city

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action

About The Challenge 

Learners will join a “Data and Software Business” module (5 ECTS) that is organized by unit of information and knowledge management, Tampere University. 

The module includes a theoretical part to learn about doing business with Data and Software. The lectures will be provided with online access and include guest lectures from the software industry. Learners will work in small groups during the challenge activity to develop their data and software concepts for the sustainable city. The learners will be provided sparring during the challenge activities. The challenge ends in a pitching event organized in collaboration with Tampere city, Tribe-start up community, HUBS and Business Tampere

The City of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. The city's climate actions have been compiled into the Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030 Roadmap. The roadmap includes 236 actions under six themes: urban planning, mobility, construction, energy, consumption and nature. To achieve carbon neutrality, the everyday actions of citizens have a huge impact. The way we live, move and consume affects greatly the emissions and thus the goal. Sustainable Tampere 2030 initiative is trying to tackle these issues. 

Housing and transportation are two main factors for the carbon footprint of modern cities. With smart solutions we can reduce the costs of living and the energy consumption of buildings and offer better services for residents, visitors, employees, and companies. By following and tracking our transportation habits we can better offer services and guide people and corporations to make sustainable choices. 

  • What kind of smart solutions for the built environment and transportation could help us better reach the carbon neutrality goals?  
  • How can we develop data and software that will help us create a socially, economically, ecologically and culturally sustainable city?” 
  • How to scale these solutions to the European context? 


About the Module

Application deadline: 30/08/2022

Duration: August 30 to October 13, 2022

Format: Online

Credit type: 5 ECTS

Number of seats avaliable: 20

Expectations from students 

The “Data and Software Business” module consists of lectures, guest lectures, Individual exercise, course exercise + presentations in the final event. 

Two main tasks have to be completed successfully: 

  • Individual exercise (tests your theoretical knowledge) 
  • Group exercise (related to successful reporting and pitching of the data or software concept for sustainable city) 

Lectures although often happening live at Tampere will be available online participation mainly through Zoom (recordings will be available through Moodle / Panopto). Access will be provided. 

Learners will have an opportunity to handle their group work in a newly developed ECIU University XR Campus – a multi-user Virtual Reality environment. Note, opt in procedure will be presented in the kick-off and will be available on a first served basis. 

Assessment and Schedule (to be updated) 

  • KICK-OFF – Challenge and module introduction (29.8.2022) 
    Group building initiates 
  • Lectures on Mondays and Tuesdays, including sparring sessions…more information coming in August. 
  • Final pitching event @ Tribe / hybrid (11.10.2022)