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What should the future of European higher education look like?

Designing higher education that is inclusive, diverse and without boundaries to fit future learners
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About The Challenge

Developments in the world are happening at an ever increasing rate and become more complex by the day. Technological developments in ICT have radically changed the way we live and work; problems like climate change, poverty, migration, food supply etc. cross all boundaries – not only geographical boundaries but also time and discipline boundaries.

Higher Education has an important role to play in this; by educating professionals who understand and can contribute to these developments, and who are capable of solving these complex problems by working in interdisciplinary teams and thinking out of the box. This means there is a need to adapt, evolve and innovate Higher Education to be able to offer quality education to learners as well as support the academic and research communities in developing impactful education. However, higher education institutes are rather slow in adapting their organization and education. This calls for the creation of a new kind of university, the university of the future. This in turn raises many questions, like how does this university of the future look like; what does it offer and for whom; how does it offer its education; how can it continuously adapt to different wishes and needs etc.

A great example of such an innovative and future university is the ECIU University, a radical new concept where education is offered to learners in a flexible and unique manner to fit the new demands of our learners and the labor market. However, the ECIU University is still in the development phase. What its offer (‘product’) should be and for whom (‘customer’) is still a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Target Groups

This challenge is open to all partner members staff involved in the ECIU University in various roles and functions (strategic, academic, administration, operational, supporting). This challenge is also open to the student representatives of the ECIU partner members.

The challenge hackathon will take place on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede between the 14th-17th of August 2022. The scheduled activities include:

Arrival date: 14th of August 2022
Starting date: 15th of August 2022
End date: 17th of August 2022

Application deadline: 20th of July 2022, 23:59 (CEST)

Workload: 6-8 hours per day, a total of 18-24 hours

Format: The activity will be carried out onsite at the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands.
Please check with your organisation for advice and availability of mobility funding to cover for travelling and lodging expenses. For accommodation options offered by CuriousU, please check the summer school’s website or contact

Suitability: Lifelong learners/ student representatives of ECIU members. This challenge is particularly open to all ECIU University staff members and to the student representatives group.

A certificate of completion will be awarded on successful completion of the activity.

Number of seats available: 50-70

Mobility Resources: This challenge contains physical mobility and thus expenses for travelling and lodging need to be taken into consideration. Please contact your home university to request information on financial support for travelling and lodging. For all ECIU University staff and the student representatives the costs for meals and the educational activities will be waived.

List competencies for this learning engagement specifically:
Intercultural competences, Communication skills, Intercultural collaboration, Multidisciplinary team work, Creative problem solving