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Life Long Learning @ University of Twente

Quality Education; Good Health and Well-being; No Poverty; Decent Work and Economic Growth


Higher education is no longer sufficient for a life time. In an ever faster changing world, graduates need to continuously adapt, learn new skills and develop new competences. In short: lifelong learning. Not only does this have an effect on graduates, who need to keep learning throughout their careers. It also has an effect on the university. How can the university support professionals (who already have working experience) in their further development throughout their careers? Who are these professionals?  where are they? What new knowledge,  skills and competences do they want, and how do they want to learn these new knowledge and skills? How can the University be flexible to address their personal learning goals? And, importantly, what does all this mean for the current programmes “regular” students follow at the UT: how can the UT prepare these students for lifelong learning, and stimulate a continuous development attitude? And can these two groups be combined, so they can learn from and with one another?

The University of Twente

The University of Twente is a university in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, with approximately 12,500 students in 20 Bachelor and 33 Master programmes, both in Science, Engineering and Social Science disciplines.  High Tech, Human Touch. Our mindset: Entrepreneurial: courage over comfort; Inclusive: student over system; Open: community over campus. One of the founding fathers of the ECIU.

The challenge

Your challenge is to explore how the UT might address the complex constellation of issues surrounding lifelong learning in keeping with our defining profile elements.  You might consider a number of questions, e.g. what are the most important aspects that affect what the UT can offer? How should the UT deliver  lifelong learning to professionals and students? What should have priority (e.g. in modality and/or thematic focus)? Where and how much should the UT invest in lifelong learning? 

We invite you to investigate broad, to be bold and come up with innovative ideas that fit our High Tech Human Touch and entrepreneurial profile. We challenge you to link this as well to the UN SDG 4 goal on quality education.

Practical information

The challenge provider is the Strategy & Policy department of the UT. This department has a broad view on developments in education, and is a.o. responsible for support of defining a new policy on Life Long Learning for the UT. Your ideas will be important input in this process.

A max of 10 ECIU students (= 2 teams) can apply for this challenge.

Time investment: approx. 4 – 6 hours/week on average, during the whole period.

Start of challenge: Oct-15, 2021

End of challenge:  Dec-17, 2021

After successful completion of the challenge, you will receive a certificate and a transcript of records with ECs.

Deadline for application: Oct 3, 2021