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Promoting Linköping's sustainable transformation

Sustainable Cities and Communities; Climate Action; Responsible Consumption and Production; Affordable and Clean Energy

The city has endorsed the global sustainable development goals and aims to be carbon neutral by the year 2025 and to reduce private car traffic by 1/3 until 2030. To reach those goals the municipality will, in the following years, launch a wide range of far-reaching actions to promote sustainable transportation within the city. The city will build a better and faster bicycle network, introduce Mobility-as-a-service, launch a new bus network, build Mobility Hubs, support multimodal traveling and promote electrical vehicles. But, all these actions will not lead to the fulfillment of our goals unless the public starts use and nourish the new services/infrastructure and support our strive towards a sustainable transportation system within the city.

The Challenge

How do we best make the people of Linköping aware of the new services and infrastructure the municipality is going to introduce shortly?
How do we create a common will of the majority of the people to participate in the transformation towards a sustainable transportation system which will ultimately lead to a healthier, more attractive, friendly and green city?


Linköping municipality

Linköping municipality has about 8000 employees and the Environmental and Planning Department has about 250 employees. Our goal is to make Linköping environmentally sustainable, attractive to live and work in and competitive for business.

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