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Landscape policy in Côtes d’Armor

Life On Land; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and Well-being


The landscape is an important element of the quality of life and fully participates in the sustainable development of territories, well beyond its simple perception. In France, since the Landscape Law of 1993, the landscape must be taken into account in development projects and landscape policy has been included in many public policies. This is why the regional administration “ Côtes d'Armor DDTM” in Brittany wishes to invest in this integrative field by involving students from ECIU, future "promoters" of the latter.

Our challenge 

The educational study covers the territory of the municipalities of the Rance valley downstream from the Rophémel dam, belonging to the EPCI of Dinan agglomeration. It will result in a "guide" document making it possible to improve and enhance the landscape of the Rance valley, in particular to promote its tourist attractiveness, while fighting against natural risks and providing the broad outlines to facilitate an easier reading of the territory. It will propose a landscape management strategy for the Rance valley that meets the aforementioned objectives.

The approach meets several purposes: (a) Raise awareness among stakeholders on a shared knowledge of the landscape and its challenges; (b) Encourage local actors, through a university approach, to better take into account the landscape, including through aspects other than those of perception alone, and over a wider and coherent territory; (c) Reveal routes  for enhancing the landscape in the municipalities of the Rance valley, on which planning documents can be based; (d) Share with elected officials a reflection on an inter-municipal territory by using the transversal theme of the landscape to address other important subjects of public policies such as the management of natural risks, the development of ecological corridors, the protection of natural environments, agricultural practices, ...; (e) Make people aware that the landscape can be taken into account at different scales but that a reflection on a large territory is often the most relevant scale to highlight the problems of a territory and respond to them in planning.

Expected impact

The work of the students will lead to the production of a proposal for a landscape management strategy for the Rance valley integrating the management of natural risks including by the reconversion of certain exposed places allowing a valuation of the places and a better understanding of the components and uses of this territory.

Target groups

The approach will allow elected officials from the municipalities of the Rance and Dinan agglomeration to participate in a reflection on the theme of the landscape and to discover the opportunities and the various aspects of the landscape, often overlooked, when it is studied on a coherent scale. It will also allow elected officials in the sector and associated professionals to have an outside vision of their territory and proposals can be innovative to meet the desired objectives.

Deadline for applications : 2020-12-31