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Efficient Human Resources Management in the ICT area

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Inova-Ria is an Association of Companies, founded in 2003, after decades of development of the "telecommunications" cluster in Aveiro (since the fifties). It is an Innovation Ecosystem consisting mainly of technology-based companies including start ups, consolidated small and medium-sized companies and some large companies from all over the country. It currently has 80 Associates, including Altice Labs Amkor Technology; Fraunhofer Portugal; ITSector and HFA.

Our activities are the promotion, co-financing and management of collaborative projects (national and European) with member companies, institutions and international companies; promotion of ICT research and development, regional innovation and international quality standards in software development and management of a cluster with top human resources from the best Portuguese Universities and companies based on strong HR placement technology.

The challenge

Currently, since there is a large gap between the supply and demand for human resources in the ICT area, there is a need to innovate in the way in which the talent already existing in the ecosystem of ICT companies is managed. We intend to think about a digital platform that will allow us to put companies to communicate, in synergy so that they can access a pool of available human resources teams, allocating projects for a fixed period of time.

Expected impact

We hope to have useful insights to design an innovative solution that will help to manage all the Talent that already exists in the ecosystem of Inova-Ria member companies, and, in the future, to spread this idea to all the ICT companies.

Target groups

All the students affiliated with one of the Universities belonging to ECIU can apply. A commission appointed by UA will select the solvers. ICT companies and employees will benefit from the developed application proposal.

Expectations from students

Each team will explore the current problem of human resources in ICT companies creating and answering questions about the topic of the challenge. After having analysed the obtained answers, teams will focus on the definition of a solution that can be used by companies to optimize the human talent available.

During the challenge, participants will work in teams of 3 to 4 members. The work will be done remotely, with synchronous and asynchronous moments.

Start/End/Structure of challenge: end of November/beginning of December 2021, one week (including weekend)

Format of challenge: nano

Deadline for application: 31st October 2021

ECTS or Certification information: 1 ECTS


University of Aveiro


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